Provision of Services Regulations Information


Secta Building Serviced Limited

Legal form:

A limited company registered in London and incorporated in the UK


Plumbing and heating installation, servicing & repairs, electrical, drainage, roofing services and repairs, fixtures fittings, renovation and refurbishments and general property maintenance.

Registered office and postal address:

Millennium Business Centre, 3 Humber Trading Estate, Humber Road London NW2 6DW


0844 8797858


Upon request


VAT number:

107 249 722

Public registers:

Details about the limited company’s registration can be viewed at under reference number 5942668.

Regulating body:

Gas Safe registered, no. 531419 authorised by CAPITA.

General terms and conditions:

A letter of engagement accompanied by our standard terms and conditions will be provided at the start of any contract for works.

Applicable law:

Unless otherwise agreed, English law, with the English Courts having exclusive jurisdiction in relation to any claim, dispute or difference concerning the service and any matter arising from it.

Work Guarantees:

All works guaranteed for 12 months from date of completion, this covers parts and labour, please see our full guarantee document for further information. Boilers are also subject to a specific manufacturer’s warranty details of which will be provided on request. Your
statutory rights are not affected by our guarantee.


Complaints can be made by contacting Head Office at the above address.

Gas Safe also operate a complaints procedure and you can access this by visiting or by calling 0800 4085500.